Welcome, traveller! 👋

I’m Yue Chen1 / YC. I also go by lyc, yuecli, and cyclic online (nonexhaustive).

I’m a sophomore2 studying a mixture of Computer Science, Brain & Cognitive Science, and Mathematics at MIT, where I’m researching on verified compilers in Coq under Prof. Adam Chlipala in the MIT Programming Languages & Verification Group.

I am building molecular dynamics systems as an intern at Genesis Therapeutics. Previously, I’ve worked on indexing blockchains at Gomu and created a real-time collaborative online whiteboard app Loci with my good friend Wern at Tofu Apps.

In a past life, I pursued Informatics and Chemistry olympiads, researched on parallel SAT solvers [DOI] [PDF] and Parrondo’s Paradox, and built websites and robots at NUS High School of Mathematics and Science on the sunny island of Singapore.

Besides coding3, I like to juggle4, draw, play the harmonica & drums, learn languages5, listen to copious amounts of music, read books & manga, hike, and travel.

Man is condemned to be free — Jean-Paul Sartre

  1. my first name has 2 words, and ‘Yue’ is pronounced /juːˈeɪ/ ↩︎

  2. american-speak for 2nd-year undergraduate student ↩︎

  3. not really in any particular order, and certainly not all at once ↩︎

  4. proud to share that my arsenal now includes diabolos, balls, and clubs ↩︎

  5. speak to me in English, Chinese, and (will do my best) German! ↩︎