Yue Chen Li

Hello! I'm an incoming freshman at MIT

An Elevator Pitch

When I was still in my street magic-craze, aged 10, I came across an online coding course — and fell in love, probably almost instantly. I even chose a high school by their Computer Science programs.

Technology is truly magical — I’m impressed every time I pick up something new. I love how rapidly I can bring my ideas to life and how tech makes it easy to create an impact. Right now, I’m working on my e-whiteboard app Loci, and I’m excited to see how far it’ll go — and what comes next!

I used to be a competitive programmer, but presently I’m mostly tinkering around with full-stack development and infrastructure. When I’m not coding, I’m often learning a foreign language, picking up new hobbies, or hunting down the next song to play on repeat.

What’s Next?

Tell me more about yourself 😛

Show me your projects 💻

I hope you will enjoy your stay here!