… me

IRL, some people also call me YC. I’m a freshman at MIT (Class of 2026). Last summer, I worked on blockchain development as an intern at Gomu . Previously, I was a student at NUS High School of Mathematics and Science in Singapore (Class of 2021).

Outside of school, I spend a lot of time my time goofing around on computers. Here’s a non-exhaustive showcase of my projects, and one I’m especially proud of is Loci, an online whiteboard I created with my good friend Wern Jie at Tofu Apps.

Apart from programming languages, I’m also interested in human languages. I’m a native speaker of English and Mandarin Chinese, and I’m currently learning German. It may be therefore unsurprising that another one of my academic interests lies in logic.

On the side I also juggle, draw (sometimes), and listen to a lot of music (anything that sounds good, which turns out to span many languages and genres). Apparently, some regard the above as more legitimate (?) hobbies.

… this website

The title pays homage to a teacher that had a big impact on me. It’s an English translation of 《竹石》, an ancient Chinese poem on tenacity/persistence that he quoted in a note encouraging me — it’s cheesy, but nice to remember in rough patches.

It may not be a very practical goal in this age of personal branding, but I hope this website comes across more personally. I’m hence attempting to keep it free of laundry lists of achievements and labels that may dominate professional spaces, at least for most parts.

Instead, on this tiny corner of the internet, I try to catalog stuff I made and bits of information I find interesting. Many pages here are meant to be living documents, and I’m exploring starting a blog in the not-so-distant future. I hope you’ll find my digital garden useful, or at least, an interesting read.

… the technical details

I edit the content of this site in Markdown using (mainly) Neovim or MarkText and generate these pages using Hugo. If you’re interested in my configuration, you can find a brief write-up here. This theme is created with Tailwindcss and is intentionally minimal because I think simplicity is pretty cool.