… me

Names are pretty important to people, so let’s start there. My first name is Yue Chen. I also often go by YC for convenience. Some other handles/nicknames I’m associated with include (non-exhaustive) lyc, yuecli, and cyclic (+ variations).

I’m a first-year undergraduate at MIT (Class of 2026). I’m currently UROPing under Prof. Adam Chlipala in the MIT Programming Languages & Verification Group. I’m (tentatively) planning to major in Computation and Cognition. I love things related to computers and working on personal projects.

… past work

Some highlights of my past include my blockchain development internship (Summer 2022) at Gomu and online whiteboard app Loci (2020–Present) that I created with my good friend Wern at Tofu Apps.

On the side I also juggle (diabolos, balls, clubs), draw (sometimes), and drum (working on it). I like language learning and listening to music (anything that sounds good). Apparently, some regard the above as more legitimate (?) hobbies.

… this website

You’ll find both professional(-ish) highlights and other things that won’t fit on a resume here. On this tiny corner of the internet, I aim to catalog stuff I find interesting. Many pages here are intended to be living documents, though a blog is planned for the not-so-distant future. I hope you’ll find my digital garden useful, or at least, an interesting read.

I edit the content of this site in Markdown using Neovim and generate these pages using Hugo. If you’re interested in my configuration, you can find a brief write-up here. This “theme” is created with Tailwindcss and is intentionally minimal because I think simplicity is pretty cool.

… contact

Feel free to connect with me via the social links at the side for professional purposes or if you just want to chat.

I don’t currently have my resume available on this site.

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