Metablogging 1

this series is actually numbered from 0 but the old meta blogging post got nuked1 as my thoughts on the subject and opinion of my own writing has changed.

while I’m still editing my SF adventures/travel guide post that’s way too long, here’s an updated version of that masquerading as a new post.

tldr of original post

risk of airing opinions for public consumption and judgment on the internet leads to self-censorship. reward of tracking one’s growth and learning/sharing and interacting with people on the bloggerspace/building a personal brand incentivizes people to do it. need to rebalance my weights for the positive and negative factors when I’m deciding to publish things into the wild.

new additions

recently2, I’ve been thinking of a much stronger reason (for me) to blog more, which I somehow hadn’t thought of before. Obviously, it flexes one’s writing muscles, but it’s also seems like good practice for communicating my ideas and opinions – which I think is an important skill. Since I’m writing things for an (imaginary?) audience, I’ll have to fill-in the context and flesh out explanations, and hopefully this process will improve my communication skills.

  1. from the casual viewer, at least. A nicer live document interface is definitely on my todo-list for the site ↩︎

  2. when I’m bored after work over the summer ↩︎

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